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Sylvie Writes a Romance:

“Sylvie Writes a Romance is absolutely hilarious!” C

“A feel-good romantic comedy with a resilient heroine”  Kirkus Indie Review

“Great book for a laugh and a smile”  Ann M Pratley

“I really enjoyed this book. It definitely drew me in to Sylvie’s woes and her dating challenges were hilarious and completely relatable. As a closet Mills and Boon fan, the combo of humour mixed with ‘romantic’ sequences suited me perfectly. I read it very quickly and will recommend to friends looking for a good light chick lit.” Beach Reader

“This book is a fun and entertaining read! Melissa’s voice, as a writer is very relatable, pulling you into the story as her “confident.” Those of you who know the Hawaiian island of Kauai will be especially charmed by the story’s setting. I didn’t want Sylvie to stop telling her story and hope to be able to read the next chapters in the future!” Beth Pemberton



“We are really enjoying your book — very fun and funny. Makes us want to hit the road again and travel even more, minus hurricanes and crocodiles!” Pamela Brown, Kauai Stories.

“I loved the book. I felt like a mouse in your pocket and did the travel for free. It was Great.” Joanne M Kaiser

“What is great about this book is that Melissa has a way of writing that puts you right there in the middle of her adventures with her. I felt annoyed with the “ok” scuba buddy! It was as though I was sitting next to her on the boat, and was snickering at the interaction, it made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. Also gave me some places to look into to visit that I would not have thought about if I didn’t read this book. Hope she will be writing another one soon!!!” Elisa Moore

“What an amazing read. Melissa has such a creative way with words. Her, Wanderings, get her into several situations which I feared had gone too far. Then, she finds humor and adaptability in her errors along the way. This, along with her tremendous determination enables her to have such amazing journeys. Yes, this is a 5 star read with many a good belly laugh…” Becky Johnson

“After meeting up with Melissa in Belize, we found her charming and very much a live -in- the -moment kind of girl. My husband John was her crocodile companion- he just has to tempt fate and scare the hell out of everyone. This book was funny, witty, and a true depiction of the countries she has visited. Good job Melissa!!” Linda

“This well written adventure will grab you on the first page and hold you to the end. Melissa is fearless and funny as she travels the world in search of herself and the perfect scuba experience. Totally engaging and endearing this is a great read. Looking forward to her next book!” Amy Marvin

“For some of us, our midlife quest for self-discovery and renewed meaning requires a little wandering. Burovac does just this and chronicles her journey in her aptly named memoir Wandering. Turning forty and restless with the current mosaic of her life, Burovac sells off and packs away her belongings. She departs to see the world, beginning in Mexico and ending her travels finally in Thailand.

The book is hilarious as directionally-challenged Burovac attempts to navigate the Central American chicken buses and the Spanish language. She announces “I am a cheese quesadilla” to a woman at a food cart, among other less publishable lingual mix-ups that made me laugh out loud. Her exploration of unfamiliar cultures is narrated through a humorous lens with a true sense of adventure (such as eating a termite—because when will she ever get that chance again!)

Wandering reminded me of Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, but without the spiritual piety and soul mate finale. Instead, it’s exactly what its title promises, a wandering through parts of the world (with a decidedly sparkling sense of humor). The book has its poignant moments as well, documented in Burovac’s genuine appreciation for the people she meets and the rich cultures she explores.

I definitely recommend Wandering to any aficionado of memoirs and true-life adventures in travel. You’ll be highly entertained.” Diana

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