Wander with Melissa - Melissa Burovac

Time to wander again…

Wander with Melissa - Melissa Burovac

It’s hard to write a retrospective while planning for the future. I thought I could easily sum up my years in Hawaii – nearly 15 of them – and move on, but started thinking 15 years?! Where did 15 years go? A full look back will have to wait until my mind is a bit calmer.

I recently made a tough decision to move back to the mainland – Cleveland, Ohio, to be more specific – in light of my father’s declining health. I moved out of my parents’ house during high school, went away to college, traveled, lived in several states, then moved to Kauai. I don’t think it’s possible to know your parents at a young age and after 30 years of almost total absence, I can’t say I know them at all. Better late than never, as they say.

The first leg of my journey begins on March 11 when Lucy and I fly to Portland, where we will putter around the city with family until my truck arrives in Seattle. A quick train ride to retrieve the truck, plus some visiting with friends in Seattle, begins the second leg when Lucy and I will drive cross-country and take in some sights I’ve missed throughout the years. I don’t think Lucy cares much about the Grand Canyon or Mt Rushmore, as long as they smell good, but perhaps we can find her a moose or a bear to bark at. I haven’t chosen my stops yet but I have three weeks in the northwest to plan the journey. My drive could be a few days or a month, depending on whether snow keeps flying; I’d like to cruise the mountains but after so many years in Hawaii I’m not sure I’m ready for high-altitude blizzard driving. Upon arrival in Cleveland, I’m going to get to work on finding things to do to make me forget that I swim in the ocean every day. And visit the parents.

I haven’t blogged much in the past few months and am hopeful this trip will get me started again. Keep an eye out for posts, and if I’m near your neighborhood let me know – friendly faces on the road are a welcome sight, and I’d love to stop in towns I’ve never had a reason to visit before.



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Sylvie Falls in Love – romantic comedy part 2

Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler – adventure/ocean fiction based on true stories


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Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler - Melissa Burovac

Kindle release for Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler: Tales of Living

I’m excited to announce the Kindle release for

Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler: Tales of Living!


I was too impatient to wait for the paperback proof to release both versions at the same time, but cross fingers the paperback will be available next week. You might understand my impatience if you knew how much blood, sweat, tears and vodka has gone into this book over the past two years.

The journey began on Mark’s boat, talking story and sipping cocktails. It progressed to taped interviews on Mark’s boat with cocktails (it’s hard to do anything on Mark’s boat without cocktails – just don’t let him be the bartender if you have any respect for your liver). Finally, after over a year of writing, rewriting, throwing it all out and starting again, rewriting some more, and several rounds of edits, a fictionalized tale – based on true stories – of surfers, sailors and smugglers is ready.


Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler - Melissa Burovac


Two boys growing up together in a small California town are the best of friends. One conforms to his parents’ wishes and follows a preset path to a career; the other creates his own path, sailing the world, surfing and smuggling drugs to Hawaii. Watch their lives diverge and reconnect through the years with tales of action and adventure, brushes with the law, Mexican cartels, and lost families and friends. Do they regret their lifestyles and the consequences of their choices as they approach old age?
Based on the true stories of surfers, sailors and pirates on Kauai.


I hope you love it as much as I do. And if you’ve managed to read all the way through to here, then I have a gift for you. For the first few days, Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler is free on Amazon for Kindle. This is my Thank You for sticking with me through these crazy writing years. Download it now before it goes up to normal price! If you don’t use a Kindle, I’ll have other electronic formats available soon, as well as the paperback. I will also be on Kauai and the mainland with copies – stay tuned for the dates!

As always, a review on Amazon is appreciated, as well as a recommendation to friends.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!




About Melissa:
Melissa is a writer and photographer on the Big Island of Hawaii. An avid outdoorswoman, Burovac enjoys outrigger paddling—both one-man and six-man—SUP, running, surfing, sailing, and scuba diving, as well as yoga. She is always up for adventure and loves doing things that scare her a little.
Surfer, Sailor, Smuggler: Tales of Living
Sylvie Writes a Romance – Book 1 of Sylvie’s Romance
Sylvie Falls in Love – Book 2 of Sylvie’s Romance
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