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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about boats.  And dogs.  And pizza, but I’m always thinking about pizza.

It’s probably about time that I start planning my next adventure, and I think it’ll be on a boat.  I’d love to sail wherever I want, maybe pick up friends along the way, find some cool little islands and scuba dive.  I’d have a compressor on my boat so we could just jump in whenever we pleased to see what lives underwater where we are.  Scuba for a while, if it’s good, stay, if not, move on to somewhere else.

That does bring up two obvious problems, though.  I don’t have a boat.  And I don’t know how to sail.  This might be a daydream that’ll take some time.  But not impossible.

And the dog.  I don’t know where she fits in.  Can a dog be happy living on a boat?  Do you build a big sandbox?  Would I spend my entire time picking dog hair out of everything I own?  Another problem that needs some research.

I do think that this would be a fun adventure, something else to write about.  Especially when I’m lost at sea or things break that I can’t fix.  But that’s the fun.

I really should get back to more productive things for now…

Calli at Polihale

Calli at Polihale

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