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While I am finishing my book I have begun my publicity site at

Check it out and subscribe to my blog.  I’ll be adding to my page when I have new updates on my first publishing venture.

Have a great day!

Crazy waves at Polihale

Crazy waves at Polihale

2 thoughts on “New blog site”

  1. Hi Ms. Burovac,

    My name is Thom Eby. I am a personal friend of Mike Poplar- have been since 4th grade. He gifted me a copy of your book. Awesome read Ms. Burovac. You are an amazing writer and your stories are fascinating. I identified the most with the parts of Wandering that dealt with Central America. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras in 1989-90. I never made it to the islands, but did visit many of the same places thet you did in Guatamala. Your stories brought back vivid memories of the little things that made the experience so interesting: riding buses, finding places to stay, getting used to the third world way, Central American concepts of time. I can only imagine what being a tall, gringo female must have been like – as a short Gringo male it was difficult enough for me to adjust to all of the uninvited attention.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to slip back to that very exciting, extremely difficult time of my life, all from the comfort of my mid-western, middle-class, air-conditioned home…You helped me remember a part of myself that I had forgotten. Mike says hello.

    Good Luck In Life,
    Thom Eby

    • Aloha Thom!
      I’m so happy that you enjoyed my stories! I’m sure that life in Central America has changed quite a bit since you were there for the Peace Corps, are you planning to go back? It has to be much easier now with so much internet access – I wish I had been able to experience it without the aid of computer reservations and smart phone maps. Although I’m not sure I would have made it home!
      It’s nice to meet a friend of Mike’s! Let me know if you ever head out to Kauai, you’ve got a tour guide.

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