Nanowrimo 2016

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I’m proud to announce I entered my first Nanowrimo and won. Although I made 50,000 words in 29 days, the sequel to Sylvie Writes a Romance is not complete. I’m hoping to have the full draft ready in a couple more weeks.

Of all the crazy things I’ve done, forcing myself to sit and write for hours a day, 29 days in a row, might be the hardest. I have a lot of respect for the writers who’ve done this challenge every year (I’m not sure I ever want to do it again).

Now it’s time for a much-needed nap!











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Congratulations to all the participants of Nanowrimo2016!


8 thoughts on “Nanowrimo 2016”

  1. You are my hero! Your perseverance and determination is always such an inspiration. =)
    I would have probably jumped ship at 20K words. hahaha

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