Not a planner – another piece of the book

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After a small travel break, on my way to Brisbane…


I’ll never understand how drinking tequila instead of packing was a good idea. I snoozed my alarm three times before I realized I had a plane to catch. Luckily, packing was as easy as stuffing everything I currently owned into my backpack. Done.

As I sat in Honolulu, waiting for my flight to Brisbane, I realized all the things I had spent the past three weeks not doing. I never really made a plan for any of the places I wanted to go. I booked a few nights in Brisbane, and that was where I stopped for some reason. Planning just isn’t my thing.

I only had one pair of pants for my travels, and I hadn’t sewn the button back on.

I found the entire bunch of souvenirs I had smuggled home from Cuba still in the same hidden pocket. Now I would have to worry again when I came back.

Minor things, but annoying.

Screwing around instead of planning...

Screwing around instead of planning…