Two weeks in Cleveland

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Holden Arboretum - wander with melissa


I’ve been in Cleveland for just over two weeks now.

And now I’ve stared at that sentence for about half an hour with no thought of a follow-up. I always imagined I would run into a time where something like post-vacation depression would set in, but thought I had enough of a plan to avoid it. I haven’t gotten a job yet, but most of the containers are planted, seeds are started for the garden, small projects on the house underway, and I’ve taken Lucy to a couple parks to explore. I didn’t really count on being so exhausted that I don’t want to do anything but sit around and read. I could easily have the entire interior of the house painted and a good start on remodeling our upstairs bathroom in the time I’ve lounged around but maybe next week… I haven’t even put all my clothes away yet.

seedlings - wander with melissa


I find that driving in traffic is still enough to make me tired. It’ll be a while before I’m completely used to so many lanes and so many cars. And so many losers hogging the fast lane. When I go to my parents’ house, I take all the small one- and two-lane roads instead of the highways; it adds an extra 40 minutes but the scenery is nicer and I’m not stressed out when I arrive.

In coping with post-Hawaii syndrome (which, when Googled, brings up a lot of info on rat lungworm disease), I bought a membership to Holden Arboretum and Lucy and I spent the morning there yesterday. Spring is just beginning to explode there so I will go back in two weeks to stroll through the Rhododendron and Azalea gardens when they are blooming. Our highlight was the baby geese – tiny, fluffy, fuzzy yellow balls with beaks swimming in between mom and dad in the ponds. Mama Goose did not love Lucy staring at her, even across the water. It’s hard to be a wildlife photographer while walking a hunting dog.

Baby geese - wander with melissa


The real reason I went to the arboretum was to visit Mark’s tree; a Quaking Aspen was planted 25 years ago in his memory, but when a new path was constructed around the lake his tree was in the way. It’s probably more trouble than it’s worth to transplant a common tree after 20 years, so his tree is young again and quite beautiful.

Mark Braun's tree - wander with melissa


For the most part, the weather has been rainy and cold in Cleveland. I asked my mother today when the rain usually stops and she told me this is the worst she’s seen in years. Figures. In the meantime, I’ve got two bird feeders strategically placed outside the windows of my office to keep me entertained; birds don’t mind cold rain as much as I do. I’m learning my bird names and will possibly join a bird-watching group if I can find one that is not entirely comprised of really old people. We have black-capped chickadees on the suet feeder (poor planning on my part, nobody wants suet when spring happens – I’m learning), while the seed feeder has attracted sparrows, robins, nuthatches and a cardinal. Peregrine falcons hunt the woods behind our house (and I have been throwing our food scraps a good distance away in hopes of attracting mice to attract more falcons), and I see the occasional woodpecker. Both black and brown squirrels have tried (and failed) to get the bird seed, and I see a random chipmunk. Deer are usually in the far woods, but my trail of yummy food leading to a salt lick has yet to entice them close to our house. A nuthatch family has moved into our birdhouse on the front lanai, and this afternoon a hummingbird buzzed my head – the first I’ve seen this year. I ran inside to stare through the window at the hummingbird feeder but she hasn’t found it yet.

Black capped chickadee - wander with melissa


This seems like a ton of bird activity, and I love watching it, but I can’t help thinking about how much I miss my fish. Some mornings I wake up and think I’m late to meet Mei at the pier for a swim before I realize where I am. I suppose in time I will adapt to land, like the earliest fishes with feet. I did apply for a job at the only scuba shop around yesterday – I plan on taking a dry-suit course before I stick even a single toe into the water here.

Perhaps the next time I post I will be meaningfully employed. Or perhaps the rain will stop and I’ll start building a tree house in the woods instead.

Say hello to the fishies for me.



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5 thoughts on “Two weeks in Cleveland”

  1. Oh Melissa! You do not sound like your usual cheery self! It will get better. I’ve been to Cleveland, but never lived there, but I’m praying for you that it will get better. When we first moved to Kentucky, I cried for days. It wasn’t home to me. I knew no one and I thought God and the Army were punishing me for having a great life in Germany for five years. But it got better. So now after twenty years, it is home. So it did get much better and I know it will be great for you and Lucy. Email if you need cheering up!

    • Thanks Linda. I’m not sad to be here, just transitioning 🙂 Maybe when it warms up a bit we should meet half-way at a lake or quarry and scuba dive! Does John do cold water?

  2. I’m always happy to read you, Melissa. Neither happiness nor self worth is dictated by the place. I’m certain you will flourish no matter what place you occupy because I know you understand the true concept of peace and happiness coming from within. Your writing reflects that positive outlook .. bringing excellent sagas to those of us who enjoy your ongoing adventure! I must mention that the first time you wrote about Cleveland, I remembered Howard the Duck saying it … “Cleeeev Land” .. something tells me it is a wonderful area or you wouldn’t be there. Thanks for your writings and please tell Howard “Hello” for me!

    • “Bloom where you’re planted.” I’ll get there! Did you see that Howard the Duck in the last Avengers? I’ll have to go back and watch the original 🙂

      • Happy “Cinco de Mayo” from Tucson! Yes, it was the original movie I was referencing. It’s such a classic scene!

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